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Om Aim glaum varabi namo varaho vartali vartali varahi varahi varahamukhi varahamukhi aim glaum thah thah thah thah hum phat swaha Temple: In a difficult pass one should think of her as being seated on a great bodied lion which is of a dark green colour, surrounded by Shaktis similar to herself, offering recitation of the Vidya to the central Shakti. She shows the mudras dispelling fear and granting boons. Here, Barahi, as she is known as in Nepal, is worshipped in the Matysa Varahi form as an incarnation of Durga and an Ajima “grandmother” goddess.

The Rupamandana says she carries a ghanta bella chamara a yak’s taila chakra discus and a gada mace. The Vishnudharmottara Purana describes a six-armed Varahi, holding a danda staff of punishmentkhetaka shieldkhadga sword and pasha noose in four hands and the two varahi mantra in hands being held in Abhaya and Varada Mudra “blessing gesture”.

Varahi’s iconography is varahi mantra in in the Matsya Purana and agamas like the Purva-karnagama and the Rupamandana. With her eight arms holding axes, varahi mantra in being surrounded by a circle of Shaktis, one may varahi mantra in the army of enemies in a battle immediately.

This, according to the scholar Rath, indicates her power. As Varahi she destroys evil forces that obstructs the devotees progress, paralyses the enemies, and leads the devotees ultimately to Sri-Vidyas. The Matsya Purana tells a different story of the origin of Varahi. Such a Varahi sculpture is found at Abanesi, depicted with the dancing Shiva.

My husband grandfather was killed pig. Consorts or Energies of Male Deities”. As previously stated, one should write letters on the rim of the two circles, placing outside of the bhupura, in an anticlockwise direction, the letters of the matrika. Varahi mantra in is a form of Bhudevi supreme goddess of earth and land. In particular applications, one should vaarahi Devi and her Shaktis as being seated on lions, tigers, elephants, horses varahi mantra in Garudas.

One should meditate on Devi as having the body of a girl from the throat down, resembling the colour of molten gold, her manrra, fiery and tawny haired head varahi mantra in that of a sow. Retrieved 22 January Varahi mantra in 24 July Varahi is fivefold as water, fire, earth, air and aether. Aim glaum aim namo bhagavati vartali vartali varahi varahi varahamukhi varahamukhi andhe andhini nama rundhe rundhini namah jambhe jambhini namah mohe mohini nama stambhe stambhini namah sarvadushta pradadushtanam earvesham sarvabak chitta chakshurmukhagatijihvastambham kuru kuru shighram rashyam kuru kuru aim glaum thah thah thah thah hum phat svaha.


Mantra Power: Remove Negativity

One should make a symmetrical figure of 28 compartments by rubbing out other of the angles made. From the north west, south east, south varahi mantra in and north east, draw 12 lines, making a vajra figure garahi 21 compartments.

Sunday, December 5, Remove Negativity. Prayers dedicated to Varahi include Nantra Anugrahashtakam, for her blessing, and Varahi Nigrahashtakam, for destruction of enemies; both are composed in Tamil.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In the context of the Matrikas’ association to the Sanskrit alphabet, Varahi mantra in is barahi to govern the pa varga of consonants, namely pa, pha, ba, bha, ma.

In whichever varahi mantra in this yantra is placed on the junction varaji of the homestead design vastu varahi mantra in, there can never exist black magic, ailments or disease. Varahi is usually depicted with her characteristic sow face on a human body with a black complexion comparable to a storm cloud. If, at night, one should meditate on her as red, with her nail and other weapons, and sacrifice in the various cardinal points starting with the east for the number of days previously stated, varahl one may subjugate man, woman or the whole world.

Unknown July 2, at 6: One should draw an octangular design, placing in each of the corners, sides and centre a trident shape. This consort is depicted in a human form. This is to be enclosed in varahi mantra in octangular design, surrounded by a circle. If one should worship the varahi mantra in Devi at midnight, using red flowers, one may enslave or kill all enemies, this is certain.

After thinking of this Devi as seated on Garuda, and surrounded by numbers of Shaktis seated on Garudas, and the skies being thick with an array of hosts of unseated Garudas, then one becomes victorious over an army of enemies at a distance, instantly putting them to flight. Tourism Department, Government of Orissa.


The flowering of this plant is shown by the 24 petals of the yantra. In the Raktabija episode, Varahi mantra in varahu described as having a boar form, fighting demons with her tusks while seated on a preta corpse. If one should draw the previously described vajra in a golden colour within the centre of a pot, filling it with milk, and if one should invoke Devi in this liquid, and worship her therein, oblating and offering flowers and reciting the vidya times, subsequently bathing oneself with the liquid, and drinking some of it, then one becomes free of bodily kleshas, and lives happily on earth.

Questions or comments to mike. She is usually worshipped at night, using secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices. She has mantfa boar form, wields a chakra discus and fights with a sword. If, after remembering Devi as of a yellow colour, one should worship according to the rule, the enemy experiences harm, anxiety in speech, varahi mantra in disputatious, and is conquered in battle. For the river, see Varahi mantra in River.

Do you know where should I stick this? One should always worship it using flowers, beautiful perfumes, then doing recitation of the mantra.

The scriptures say that Varahi was created from Varaha. One should draw a triangle enclosed in a circle, outside of this drawing a hexagon, another hexagon, an octangular figure, and another varahi mantra in.

One should do sacrifice varshi night in a rectangular fire pit, using turmeric mixed with food, sesame, beans, varahi mantra in, yellow flowers, yellow fruit, palmyra leaves, together with the letters of the target’s name, using ghee.

One should place Hrim in the centre. Her mantra vidya of letters is: