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The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst has ratings and 75 reviews. Barbara said: The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst is an extraordinary. Buy The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst (Sailor’s Classics S.) New edition by Nicholas Tomalin, Ron Hall, Jonathan Raban (ISBN: ) . Buy The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst: Now Filmed As The Mercy by Nicholas Tomalin, Ron Hall (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book.

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Feeling certain he could make up time as he became more familar with the craft, Crowhurst began to tell “little white lies” in his sporadic radio communications remember, there was no GPS back then — the yachtsmen were truly the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst their own.

Did the Moors discover America years before Columbus? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ron Hall was directly involved in the Golden Globe single-handed sailboat circumnavigation race that led to Crowhurst’s trouble; Nicholas Tomalin was a journalist, killed by a missile while covering the Yom Kippur War in The only really difficult reading came at the end when the reader is presented with large doses of Crowhurst’s nonsensical, paranoid, delusional writing.

Dit geldt ook voor de delen waarin Crowhursts waanzin wordt beschreven; deze laatste hoofdstukken zijn moeilijk te lezen en voegen w Knap gemaakte reconstructie van een leugenachtige zeiltocht rond de wereld, waarvoor veel informatie slechts door speculatie is verkregen.

Teignmouth Electron was found adrift, unoccupied, on 10 July. Hardly a way to make a man back out after involving so much time, money and publicity. InDonald Crowhurst was trying to market a nautical navigation device he had developed, and saw the Sunday Times Golden Globe round the world sailing race as the perfect opportunity to showcase his product.

I was really struck by their compassion for Crowhurst. the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst


I suppose I could read the book jacket but it’s not handy I think made them especially adept to taking on such a project. Will Strnage is a Templar Knight, trained for war, but as a member of the mysterious group known as the Brethren, he is also a man of peace. Despite losing his self-steering gear off Australia, he rounded Cape Horn on 17 January20 days before his closest competitor the mercurial Bernard Moitessier. Read more Read less.

After rounding the tip of South America in early February, Moitessier had made a dramatic decision the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst March to drop out of the race and to sail on towards Tahiti.

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

What a feat of investigation the authors undertook, and they really hit it vojage of the park with the writing. His last log entry was on 1 July ; it is assumed that he then either fell or jumped overboard and drowned. Jan 08, Christine rated it it was amazing.

Retrieved 19 December Does he understand what his father was trying to get across? I am a huge fan of circumnavigations in small sailing vessels.

Donald Crowhurst – Wikipedia

He was not your ordinary sort of man, and this is not an ordinary sort of book. Yet, it is that – insistence, perseverance, “bloody-minded ness” and ultimately his self-delusion that kept him going during this trip. A vision of a ruined future.

Aug 09, Matthias rated it it was amazing. I picked this book up at Goodwill in town.

Robin Knox-Johnston was the first to finish the race in April Stryker comes to her aid, unaware that she carries with her special knowledge that may prove the key to Royalist victory. This donnald occasionally lumped in with the Bermuda Triangle, since many readers find supernatural wackiness more compelling than human tragedy.

It was a tricky and time consuming business. Its sole inhabitant for days, captain Donald Crowhurst, was never found. Retrieved from ” https: Yes, Donald Crowhurst displayed incredible hubris, and was woefully unprepared for cirmcumnavigating the globe – let alone an open ocean sailing trip.


Solve your motivational problems, by understanding how the mind works. Tge Tomalin and Ron Hall The strange last voyage of donald crowhurst Soldier Chris Ryan.

The family’s retirement savings were invested in an Indian sporting goods factory, which later burned down during the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst after the Partition of India. The King of Scotland rides out from Edinburgh into the stormy night. The quest for adventure has become a quest for justice.

Donald Crowhurst

This is a captivating book which I’ve read the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst least twice and will probably read again. The strange last voyage of donald crowhurst 04, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: Examination of his recovered logbooks and papers revealed the attempt at deception, his mental breakdown and eventual presumed suicide.

The tale of Crowhurst makes compelling reading and a book length treatment including Tetley, Knox-Johnston and Moitessier would be great, too, I think. Please try again later. We Escaped plunges the reader into the World War II escapades of an ordinary couple and their children as they escape from Nazi-occupied Tje.

Also, many of his spares and supplies were left behind in the confusion of the final preparations. The boat still lies decaying on the southwest shore of Cayman Lxst. Please do not think I am trying to break a record. Warlord’s Gold, the fifth novel in The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold’s acclaimed series of historical thrillers, sees battle-scarred hero, Captain Stryker, ‘the Sharpe of the Stranbe War’ on a tje to recover lost treasure.

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