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18 Apr First, let’s get this out of the way: Exactly what was Jeffrey Eugenides trying to say ? “The Interestings,” the new novel by Meg Wolitzer, arrives. 24 Aug There is no doubt that Meg Wolitzer’s ninth novel, The Interestings, is the beneficiary of this new transgender fictional exchange. There is an. Remarkable With this book [Wolitzer] has surpassed herself.”—The New York Times Book Review “A victory The Interestings.

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I will remember this one.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, review – Telegraph

I thought that was why you, you know, treated me kind of coldly. Jonah is the token gay friend who has trouble forming attachments. But this kiss had done nothing like that. Awkward and spontaneous, she has a tough and vulnerable elasticity that fuels the story. Talent is only me factor in success; perseverance counts, and so does luck.

It is best to read this novel without any preparation or peek inside. However, she’s a completely three-dimensional and believable character, a brilliant mix-up of good and bad. I was disgusted and uncomfortable the entire way. As with any book set in a certain time and place, Wolitzer tries to put in significant historic details to have her characters respond to: The novel goes back and forth in time with a fluid and seamless momentum that kept me turning the pages well into the wee hours of the night.

People do that all the time with music.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, review

Trite language, horrible characters, ths over-emphasis on the wolitser and the unimportant, and a boring plotline. This book was so touching and beautiful and true and it went straight to my heart. When I started this book, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Feb 24, Glenn Sumi rated it really liked it. They sarcastically dub themselves the Interestings – each with their own personality and talent. I did this same thing with The Goldfinch. I do have a problem letting go of a book before I find out “what happens,” and it’s hard to skip ahead on a kindle, so I did read it to the end, but I would not recommend it.


I could give each of these characters names from my own camp experience. The reader never gets grounded in a setting. The most effusive 5 star rating i have given in a while Jan 31, Stephen King added it. Buy the Audiobook Download: It’s so seductive to see your own life chronicled, if a few years off, and made into the stuff of literature and saga.

Something put into focus here is the realization of talent. Though the story hops back and forth in time, it is rarely confusing, frequently funny and always engaging. The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer 1 21 Jan 22, Oh, and if you’re going to have every single person in your book call your heroine funny, have her speak at least one funny line.

She seems to attach herself to her “best friend” simply because she loves to be around rich people coming from very limited means herselfbut I don’t think that was what the author intended. As Jules Jacobson, an aspiring comic actor, muses after countless unsuccessful auditions and one stinging putdown by a bitchy acting teacher: The rest of the book made the whole of it worthwhile. About what it means that some of us in middle age have “made it” and others of us have not.

‘The Interestings,’ by Meg Wolitzer

If Wolitzer inspires a interesstings devotion in her readers, it is not unconnected to the fact that we believe her to belong to that evergreen literary subgroup: Jonah Bay is the son of a famous, Judi Collins-like folksinger. Andrew Roberts on Churchill Sam Leith. They predictably fall behind: Even the summer camp where the friends meet, and which is supposedly instrumental to their lives, is barely sketched.


Just because it’s not something you necessarily dream about being at a young age wolitzee mean it’s not important, but Jules can’t see that. Decades later the bond remains powerful, but so much else has changed.

Not only is she a living, breathing character, but Wolitzer puts this loving and thorough attention on all the MCs even if she skimps on her side characters, that’s understandable. Related Links Contact us about speaking engagements with Meg Wolitzer. All the characters are strangely awkward and have an odd, abstract self-awareness that just didn’t resonate as true. The book plods along, and we are told over and over that so-and-so is funny or charming, but we are never shown.

View all 26 comments. I will echo another Goodreads friend and say that it is simply perfect. But how long do I put myself out there?

Actually, I think she just wanted to let us know that East Coast kids who went to long summer camps in the mountains got married, had kids, had little life dramas, and all Meh. Ethan, Jules, Cathy, Goodman, Ash: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Favorite Quote “And didn’t it always go like that — body parts not quite lining up the way you wanted them to, all of it a little bit offas if the world itself were an animated sequence of longing and envy and self-hatred and grandiosity and failure and success, a strange and endless carton loop that you couldn’t stop watching, because, despite all you knew by now, vy was still so interesting.

The result is a Franzen-like treatise on talent, fate, friendship, and the limits of all three.