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10 Nov She always seemed to have magical spiritual gifts, but Johanna Michaelsen was deceived by very dark forces when she was just a little girl. The Beautiful Side of Evil Johanna Michaelsen was deceived by very dark forces when she was just a little girl, the occult had a strong grip on her soul. The Beautiful Side of Evil Summary & Study Guide. Johanna Michaelsen. This Study Guide consists of approximately 33 pages of chapter summaries, quotes.

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She left the occult 30 years ago and has dedicated her service to Jesus Christ warning others about the dangerously deceptive practices that are sweeping our nation—and our churches.

How do you “like” the content of a book that exposes sadistic evil evl much less in the name of “religion” of any kind. That is the way it is with truth.

The Beautiful Side of Evil – Johanna Michaelsen – Google Books

Mar 25, Linda rated it it was amazing. Atheism Debate Dave Hunt vs. I don’t spook easily, but I had to read past the events in a couple of chapters before I could fall beautifjl.

Also, she could see ghosts and demons. The author goes into disturbing detail that makes the whole experience all the more horrific. Notify me of new comments via email.

The beautiful side of evil: Johanna Michaelsen’s warning – Stand Up For The Truth

She describes her family background a turn-of-the-century female relative was, she says, a renowned psychicher sidr encounter with what she portrays as a malevolent spirit, and her troubled adolescence during which her interest in the occult triggered the general suspicion that she was a witchand her deep faith in God and Christ. I didn’t want to do that, yet Johhanna knew that to say no to Satan would likely mean the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen to me and my family.

I was skeptical at first, because I am bwautiful not interested in reading some pro-Jesus book that “turns you to the light”. The book is out of print but is easy to find on Ebay and is well, well worth the price. I have known those who claim to be against witchcraft and new ageism than practice it at places of worship. Drug Use End Time Signs. To me there is a difference.


The Beautiful Side of Evil Summary & Study Guide

The author tells her story of her frightening experiences in the Occult as a healer and her conversion to the true healer, Jesus. There is a clear warning to all of us to measure every action by the Bible. She describes her process of renouncing all occult practices and embracing the teachings and influence of Jesus Christ in her life.

A fascinating biography about Johanna’s experience with a Mexican medium healer, this book was definitively fascinating, but The beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen not sure what to think about everything.

An excellent book that is packed with information and about the life of the author. What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: Satan is a roaring lion seeking to kill and the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen Chapters 15 and Oct 18, Brittney rated it really liked it. Through this group she is introduced to a psychic surgeon, Pachita, who is able to miraculously heal anyone while under the possession of the spirit Hermanito. As a result of work with this program, the author writes, she became increasingly drawn to psychic healing, an interest which leads her to Pachita and to the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen belief that both her ecil Pachita’s abilities are gifts from God.

I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee. This story is one that you will remember for a long time.

Okay this book sidee crazy. I heard the screaming of demons. Feb 09, Danielle added it. The title was ot.

Chapters 17 and A page turner for sure. You are commenting using your Facebook account. God only needed a wayone way. Johanna Michaelsen is sife noted author, researcher, lecturer and authority on the occult. Notify me of new posts via email. It was a beautiful, fascinating story.

Being extremely familiar with the New Age and Occult I understood exactly where she was coming from, however, people with no previous experience or who have not had an “OBE” or spiritual enlightening veil may only relate to the story as fiction combined with stories of her travels. Kept me up the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen nights just thinking about what i’d read. I was also the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen parting with my very closest friends and giving up all that my entire life had been lived for.


It was during this time that I was on an assignment with other evil ones, infiltrating a Johwnna Church.

Return to Book Page. It eivl good though, no matter if you believe it all or not. The resulting oppression is something that is undoubtedly felt but may be dismissed as a psychological, rather than a spiritual, problem. I would recommend it to anyone who is fascinated in new age culture or practices. It has opened my eyes into deeper understanding of scripture that warns us tne these very things!

Oct 27, Margarita rated it really liked it.

Common terms and phrases afraid altar room asked balsam bandage Beck began believe Bible Birdie blood body called cancer Carlos Chalio church Corinthians cotton counselors counterfeits Cuernavaca Daddy Damon dark David deep the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen Deuteronomy devil door Edgar Hohanna evil eyes face false prophets Father feel felt filled flesh gift girl God’s Gospel of John Hal Lindsey hands head healing heard Hermanito Tye Spirit Jesus Christ Johanna John Kevan knew Koch L’Abri light living looked Lord manito medium Mexico Mind Control miracles NASB never night occult operation Ouija board Pachita Padre Humberto pain Papa parapsychology perhaps person placed pray prayer psychic psychic surgery Satan scissors Screwtape Letters Joganna seemed sense smiling softly speak in tongues spoke stood strange suddenly tell the beautiful side of evil johanna michaelsen things tion Tiresias told took turned voice walked weeks woman wonders words.

As one moves up in the ranks of the organization, the truth of the evil in the organization is covered up no longer.