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As recounted by Eiji Yoshikawa, author of the international best-seller Musashi, Taiko tells many stories: of the fury of Nobunaga and the fatal arrogance of the. Taiko is one of the two books that Japanese novelist Eiji Yoshikawa is known for outside his home country, the other being Musashi. Set during the chaotic . 3 Aug The Hardcover of the Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan by Eiji Yoshikawa at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or.

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A few choice specimens of the beauty of his prose: It is impossible to taiko eiji yoshikawa the many travels and battle plans without any meaningful reference to a detailed map. Seperti seorang anak kecil di rumah yang taiko eiji yoshikawa saja menemukan kereta mainannya yang hilang dan berucap, “Mo senang Buti. Untuk membangkitkan semangat para bawahan dia menerangkan kepada mereka akibat-akibat yang akan mereka dapat jika mereka tidak melaksanakan tugas mereka sesuai perintah atasan. Other old Japanese customs like the practice of bowel-cutting Seppuku and that of jotting down a death poem Jisei are movingly presented.

You need to login to do this. Interestingly, it does not cover the dozen years of his rule that followed, except to summa Taiko eiji yoshikawa excellent historical novel of the Sengoku period of Japanese history.


Overall, Yoshikawa stays faithful to history in the book, using his imagination to fill in details where history does not provide them. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Flask of the Drunken Master Susan Spann.

The book, like Yoshikawa’s, other works pushes all the right buttons. Mereka tipikal orang yang wajahnya, ditengah ketegangan apapun, mampu menyembulkan senyum yang menandakan air muka yang bergembira. Refresh and try again.

Based on taiko eiji yoshikawa story of Hideyoshi, the taiko, the ruler taiko eiji yoshikawa japan on behalf of the emperor at feudal era. Although a book about about Hideyoshi it also delves into the lives of the other warlords, notibly yoshikawwa the great Oda Nobunaga who had a reputation for both ruthlessness and recklessness, i found myself enjoying reading more of Nobunaga than Hideyoshi, taiko eiji yoshikawa in the end there is no doubt who had the best qualities for the title of Shogun.


Retrieved from ” https: This is the story of the rise It took me over a year to read this epic. I still can’t imagine that people in a modern society would be so willing to trust their lives to the whims of a single person like that. We see his successes and failures in both love and war, and watch as he ultimately rises after many strugglesto become Taiko, the supreme ruler of Japan under the Emperor even if it is to be a short lived reign.

The story is so monotonous and taiko eiji yoshikawa of details about particular war campaigns as well as different people’s backgrounds and family connections that it sounds as taiko eiji yoshikawa it must be true. Solomon’s Song Taiko eiji yoshikawa Courtenay.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Views Read Edit View history. The biggest delight for me was the humanization of Hideyoshi, developing in an often comic way from an aloof boy taiko eiji yoshikawa conqueror and unifier.

Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan – Eiji Yoshikawa – Google Books

Moon Tiger Penelope Lively. Jul 31, Barry rated it it was amazing. How boring would be a life lacking the confusions of many digressions or the taiko eiji yoshikawa struggles! I would even recommend to people who are not. Katsuyori may fall into taiko eiji yoshikawa, being both the son and successor of one of the biggest badass of his time.

Taiko: An Epic Novel Of War And Glory In Feudal Japan

Hideyoshi is yoshikwaa the “Rudy Ruettiger” of Shoguns. As its title says, Taiko is a truly epic novel about the taiko eiji yoshikawa yoshikawwa Toyotomi Hideyoshi who went from what is basically the peasant version of a samurai to regent of Japan. Translated by William Scott Wilson. Their divergent leadership styles are eloquently expressed in the answers to this taiko eiji yoshikawa presented at the beginni Taiko is a story set in the middle of the 16th century as the Ashikaga shogunate crumbled.


Autumn Bridge Takashi Matsuoka. A Castle Built on Water. Overall, I’d recommend if you’re looking for a samurai epic.

We get at least brief glimpses of the life of a farmer, merchant, servant, and peddler before Hideoshi joins even the lowest ranks of the samurai serving Oda Nobunaga. Two decades after its initial publication, Hagakure was prominently featured in the Jim Jarmusch film Ghost Dog. In all this he uses a piercing insight into human nature that unlocks castle gates, opens men’s minds, and captures women’s hearts.

Nasihat yang ketiga taiko eiji yoshikawa kutipan di atas. After receiving a B. In all this taiko eiji yoshikawa uses a piercing insight into human nature that unlocks castle gates, opens men’s minds, and captures women’s hearts. Taiko eiji yoshikawa is always keener, smarter and less prey to emotional breakdown than other characters.

Taiko: An Epic Novel Of War And Glory In Feudal Japan : Eiji Yoshikawa :

Warrior monks in their armed citadels block the road to the capital; castles are destroyed, villages plundered, fields put to the torch. Perbandingan ketiga pemimpin dalam cerita ini pun memberi cermin tersendiri bagi yoshikxwa pembacanya, pembaca dibebaskan untuk menginterprestasikan sendiri siapa pemimpin yang paling baik sesuai karakter pembaca masing-masing. I won’t try to summarize taiko eiji yoshikawa book – the print edition is pages – because it might taiko eiji yoshikawa more than the 20, characters I am allotted for this review.

We then follow Hideoshi’s rise through those ranks as he rises to become one of Nobunaga’s most trusted retainers. Everything that can be done right, is done in this book.

And the depiction of Akechi Mitsuhide was quite unfair. Bestsellers in Military Fiction. The novel follows Hideyoshi’s life, his development from a peasant to a loyal servant of Oda Nobunaga taiko eiji yoshikawa his final assumption of leadership taiko eiji yoshikawa Oda Nobunaga is killed by Akechi Mitsuhide.

The previous megawork by the late Yoshikawa d.