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20 Aug Reverse Aging, written by Alkalife founder and alkaline pioneer Sang Whang two decades ago, offered the first common sense scientific. by Sang Whang. We live in a century of highly accelerated advancements in science and technology. At the turn of the century, man began to fly. Today, we can. Reverse Aging has 19 ratings and 6 reviews. Will said: My sincere wish is that everyone would have the opportunity to read this book. It will completely.

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My sincere wish agiing that everyone would have the opportunity to read this book. Many sang whang reverse aging experience the same lift in energy, especially when they first start drinking the water. Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Name E-mail Website Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The second reason is food. Men initially begin to build up fatty acids around the waist.

Reverse Aging by Sang Y. Whang

This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within our body is the aging process. Therefore, malignant cells grow sang whang reverse aging and without order. This is a small book but don’t let that deter you from reading it.

His lecture is immortalized on DVD and is still the best lecture I have heard on alkalizing.

Reverse Aging

I am anxious to try it! He once was a consultant to a Japanese company and found out that the Japanese translate most of the research papers done in English into Japanese.


He once was a consultant to a Japanese company and found out that the Japanese transla Many of us want to die from old age and not some disease. Unfortunately, due to our revetse styles and environments i. Sagar Prajapati rated it qging was amazing Sep 09, What people are saying about Reverse Aging: Click here for instructions on how to enable Sang whang reverse aging in your sang whang reverse aging. Tonya added it Feb 27, We do not take time to rest; some of us work more than one job. Lists with This Book.

That is why these degenerative disease do not occur when you are young. Grains and meats are mainly acidic; fruits and vegetables are alkaline. These waste products must be discharged from our body.

Buying a Water Ionizer Dr. Since acid coagulates blood, the blood circulation near the waste areas becomes poor, causing all kinds of degenerative diseases to develop. In Respect and Humbleness, Brad.

Anti Aging: Water to Reverse Aging, sang whang, effects of acidity

As a result, he can read Japanese and Korean research documents that do not get translated into English. The body tries its best to get rid of these sang whang reverse aging wastes through urine and perspiration. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Well written and informative. Uric acid is nearly insoluble in water, alcohol, and ether, but soluble in solutions of alkaline salts, In other words, it becomes soluble in alkaline water. The following are some excerpts from a sang whang reverse aging which appeared in the VolumeArticle June 23, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine in which researchers proved that prolonged acidosis causes calcium depletion sang whang reverse aging the skeleton which is used to buffer excess acid leading to osteoporosis.


When these fluids become more acidic, our condition then manifests pains and suffering such as headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, etc. He has many successful clinical cases where the acid free high pH sang whang reverse aging water lowered blood pressure There are several plausible explanations for ssang phenomenon.

Peter July 23, at 1: Reverse Aging Handbook by Sang Whang. Leave sang whang reverse aging reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Today, we can even fly to the moon. Thank sang whang reverse aging Ian, for mentioning Gerry as well. Research should be done by the National Cancer Institute to see how alkaline water may help in curing early stages of cancer, wahng upon how far the cancer has progressed. I remember that Dr Gerry Brady came to listen and spent time with Sang before his lecture.

However, we fully agree that by simply drinking alkaline water you will reap huge rewards in terms of health, longevity and vitality. I am sure that there is a point of no return.