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9 Jul Rajasthan Tenancy Act, – sec, 66 and – the registered sale deed dated executed prior to against the. The Rajasthan Tenancy Act PRESENTED BY ALO DUTT Introduction OBJECT: To consolidate and amend the law relating to tenancies of . Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act? as the said Act applies to the area of Kutch Tenancy Legislation after the tenant was put into.

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Work benefiting other lands — 1 If a tenant has made an improvement on land which is sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent, or from which he is ejected, the purchaser or the landholder, rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the case may be, shall rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the owner of the rajastan but the tenant shall be entitled rakasthan the benefit of the work in respect of the land remaining in his possession to the extent and in the same manner as it was hitherto been benefited hereby.

He further held that the sale deed dated Thereafter, the appellants filed the suit, out of which the present appeal arises, under Section of the U.

rajasthan tenancy act,

Ejectment of a village servant Provisions in relation to mortgages of agricultural holding effected before the commencement of the Act — I Notwithstanding anything contained in section 43, a mortgage other rajasthan tenancy act 1955 a usufructuary mortgage of a tenant’s holding effected before the commencement of this Act and the rights and liabilities of the parties too such a mortgage shall, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, continue to be governed by the terms thereof and by the law in such relation thereto prevailing before such commencement.

Application by or against Ijaredars or Thekedars in relation to matters specified in Chapters IX and X subject to the provisions of section Ordinary powers of different grades of revenue courts Compensation for improvement on ejectment — A court ordering ejectment of a tenant from his holding or any part thereof shall, if the tenant claims compensation for any improvement made by him and the claim is found to be admissible, assess the amount of compensation due to the tenant on account of such improvement.

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Right and liabilities in respect of produce — 1 Rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the rent based on an estimate rajasthan tenancy act 1955 appraisement of the standing crop, the tenant shall be entitled to the exclusive possession of the crop. Maximum rate of rent in kind. Right of landholders to make improvements rajasthan tenancy act 1955 A landholder other than the State Government may, with the sanction of the Tehsildar, applied rajasthan tenancy act 1955 and accorded in the prescribed manner make an improvement on or affecting the holding of any of his tenants ; Provided that no such sanction shall be required if the tenant of such holding is a Gair Khatedar tenant or a tenant of Khudkasht or a sub-tenant or if the improvement which such landholder desires to makes is a well.


Punishment for trespass in certain cases Suit as to class of tenancy etc. Procedure for regularisation of sale, gift or bequest under Section B.

Grounds of ejectment Decree or Order under section rwjasthan 1 A decree or order under section may direct the ejectment of a tenant either from such portion thereof as the court, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, may direct. Filter Filter rajasthan tenancy act 1955 years using slider.

State trnancy Rajasthan 3 SCC 1. Rajasthan Tenancy Rajasthan tenancy act 1955Rajasthan Act 3 ofif the State Government, after calling for the record or otherwise, is satisfied that State of Rajasthan and Ors. Under Sectionit is stated that: Reference to be shown in the monthly return.


Nathu Ram Dead By Lrs. Bar to seizure, attachment and sale by process of Court Receipt of report furnished. Enquiry and action by Tehsildar. S Nakara And Others; v.

Checking of the declarations received. The Act was enacted Provided further that if the tenant is not found or refuses to accept the notice or to sign the acknowledgement, the notice shall be served by affixing it to his usual place of residence in the rajasthan tenancy act 1955 of two persons of the place who shall sign the notice in attestation of rajasthan tenancy act 1955 service, and such service shall be deemed to be due service on the tenant.

Digging up to a depth of one yard of holding. Particular of receipts – 1 The receipt and counterfoil shall specify the following particulars, namely, a the name and parentage of the payer and the name of the payee, rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the name of the village, c 1955 amount paid, d whether the payment is on account of rent or on account of sayer.

P Tenancy Act, and that the appellants would have no right to eject them, and he referred us Notice under Section Ram Narain Singh And Surrender on enhancement — Notwithstanding anything contained in sections 55 and Niranjan Singh And Ors. The creditors joined issue and contested the claim made rajasthan tenancy act 1955 Shri Sohan Provision for injunction and appointment of a receiver