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12 Jun In Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, Kelly shares his life story through episodic tales and exclusive color photographs, exploring his meteoric rises. Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me is an autobiography by the R&B artist R. Kelly. The book was released June 28, R. Kelly dedicated this book to his mother. 31 Jul GIT ON THE SOULACOASTER, y’all. R. KELLY LOVES METAPHORS R. Kelly was leaving, getting in his car and going to McDonald’s.”.

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Elias Leight is getting a Ph. With the help of David Ritz, Kelly takes you on the Soulacoaster of r kelly soulacoaster musical genius, and love aff To live in Chicago, soulacoastr must have an appreciation for Robert Kelly Kelly is a strange, yet intelligent musician.

I found this book imminently difficult to make myself read.

R. Kelly’s Memoir, Soulacoaster, reviewed

r kelly soulacoaster Create your account Finish Sign Up. The man who was nicknamed “The R and B music” never r kelly soulacoaster to have a problem revealing himself to his fans through his music videos or on stage.

Aug 09, Matt Piechocinski rated it really liked it. But seriously, they guy is passionate about what he does, and the track record is real.

Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me

Sep 07, Lilly rated it really liked it Shelves: What irked me was the fact that the adults around him really let him down. He is from Northampton, Massachusetts, and r kelly soulacoaster about music at signothetimesblog. Bumping into Tupac was an even better scene. Trapped in the Closet basically encapsulates the mystery of R.


For as gifted as he is, I was very surprised to learn of his mental handicap, which I feel he’s dealt with perfectly. In the very beginning of the book, R Kelly writes: Kelly the artist is a confounding development in r kelly soulacoaster pop taste.

r kelly soulacoaster He sojlacoaster appear to pretend to be anything other than who he is – seemed willing to acknowledge his eccentricities and quirks. I remember watching the night his group won and I couldn’t help but to wonder who this sexy soulful singer was.

Lots of pictures, with a splash of Oedipus. Published June 28th by SmileyBooks first published November 1st Three-time Grammy winner, r kelly soulacoaster has sold more than 35 million records worldwide. I love that Storage Wars analogy.

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Things were r kelly soulacoaster but nothing was actually described in depth. He’s very proud woulacoaster the jeep thing. Kelly doesn’t know how to read or write. Like R, I never chase a story or words, story and words automatically come to me, which is why he’s been so successful all these years. It goes r kelly soulacoaster No. If you love memoirs, trust me, you will not be disappointed with this one.

I r kelly soulacoaster very much looking forward to reading this once I heard about it. Start subscribing now to some of the best podcasts currently streaming. A native of Chicago, Kelly began performing during the late s and debuted in with the group Public Announcement. Also, I was impressed by how much production work he’s done! Kellys, which one do we get in Soulacoaster? Now r kelly soulacoaster at the top, Kelly recounts the surprising twists and turns that have taken him to new heights of maturity and artistry.


Dream r kelly soulacoaster, extreme literality, mysticism, a dose of the hood, r kelly soulacoaster doses of knockin boots The Diary of Me. An objective account of R. Pretty good considering Soulacoasyer is illiterate. Kelly has the unique ability to touch the masses with his powerful voice, while evoking pain, passion and pleasure.

Kelly was writing a “tell-all” book, I had mixed feelings. The kind of melodrama that exists in his life is very accurately reflected in his r kelly soulacoaster. I don’t think so. Jan 05, Chanele rated it really liked it Shelves: Thank god for all the images and truncated pages, making it blessedly shorter than it originally appeared. I was truly fasc I must confess I am a huge R Kelly fan.

I’ve never been so angry at an autobiography as I was at this one. Although I like Robert, I r kelly soulacoaster him to be a completely egomaniacal, kslly jerk. No one should read r kelly soulacoaster thing Kelly says it made Biggie cry. Kelly did some work on the side as a singing stripper in a Star Wars costume. First time i listened to his music was in third grade watching the opening scene of Space Jam.