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POLICE RULES CHAPTER 22 INDEX Rule Officer in charge of police station Rule Assistant Sub-Inspectors Rule The Station Clerk Rule. 23 Jan (4) where offence appears to have occurred in another police station Rule 25(5) dispute as to jurisdiction RULE(6) reliving and relieved. The Police Rules with Police Order, , Police Act, , The Police Service of Pakistan (Composition, cadre & seniority) Rules , Sindh Repeal of.

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Column 1 — Date. Payments on account of petty construction and repairs — 1 When petty construction or repairs are carried police rules 1934 through a contractor, detailed policd and, where necessary plans shall be insisted upon.

Description of article of clothing issued. A small particle of mass m is pulled to the top of a frictionless half-cylinder as. Use police rules 1934 materials to develop a list of options and an initial plan of action police rules 1934 social work. Government of The Punjab. Police rules 1934 Homework Of Hartmann College http: Ch 3 Session 3 Homework Feb 12 Quiz. Social work essays relate to oplice wide range of constructive work for the society as a whole, like social heath care, social justice and educational services.

We can help policd through your tough business class homework assignments with this Introduction to Business: Where the climate renders this desirable officers may wear a plain dark blue silk Kamarband in place of a wasitcoat. Whenever the figures for the reserve represent less than the percentages prescribed in police rules 1934 calculated on the revised establishment, application shall be made for the necessary increase to bring up the reserve police rules 1934 the authorized scale.

Petty construction and repairs — An annual allotment for petty construction and annual repairs is included in the annual allotment statemest of police contingencies. Contact to the office. Help with Adobe Acrobat X When the proposal has been approved, the Electrical Engineer to Government shall be asked to prepare detailed plans and estimates with a view to the allotment of funds.

Quantity or number indented for. Location of additional police under section 13 — When a notification appears in the Punjab Gazette ordering the location of an additional police post in a disturbed or dangerous area, the Superintendent concerned shall, on receipt of such gazette, take immediate measures, for the establishment of such post, and shall report to the Inspector General, the police rules 1934 on which it is established, sending copy to the District Magistrate concerned.


When shortage in quantity only is found by the committee, the discrepancy shall be reconciled by direct correspondence with the consignor, the matter being referred to the Deputy Inspector-General, if agreement cannot be reached. Physical Training Vest Thin. Goods to be surveyed — 1. The following additional articles of uniform and equipment should be provided and worn when special circumstances or orders so direct.

Volunteer Long Service Medal. Sale of produce, etc. In addition to space police rules 1934 parades and the pitching of camps of where necessary it is desirable to occupy sufficient ground in the vicinity rural police stations to permit of police rules 1934 small garden being kept up, in which vegetables and the like may be grown by the staff for the their own consumption.

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Preparatory or preliminary work: With a little organization and discipline, you can get all of your police rules 1934 done on time, every day. The strength required for escorts shall rles calculated on the scales laid down in Chapter XVIII in relation to the average police rules 1934 in the district for treasure and prisoners escorts, other than the escorting of under-trial prisoners to and from the Court.

Here are some sample. Continuance of additional police — 1 Recommendations police rules 1934 the continuance of an additional police post for a further period shall be submitted in Form 1 through the channel prescribed in sub-rule 2so as to reach the Deputy Inspector General at least two months before the date when sanction for the police rules 1934 is due to expire.

View or edit your browsing history. A silver-plated hook on each side at the waist.

Only punishments chapter is being implemented by the police officers. Find the values of a I policee, b I. Here are some tips for helping your child complete their assignments.

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When a police officer willfully, or by culpable neglect, makes a way with or lose a medal, the loss shall be dealt with as a criminal or disciplinary offence, according poliec the circumstances, and if such police officer is held guilty and punished, he shall be required to ;olice three years clear of a major punishment before he can be recommended for the grant of a new medal at his own expense; in such cases the period of police rules 1934 years will commence from the termination of the punsihment.


In estimating the beat staff it is necessary to plot out on a map after close study of local conditions, the number of fixed points other than special traffic points day and night beats, and patrols required for each town or cantonment. Sub-divisional and subordinate Magistrates – The authority of a sub-divisional or police rules 1934 subordinate magistrate over the police is strictly limited to the powers given him by law in the exercise of his judicial functions.

These folios will be maintained for sixteen years. Verification of stock by a gazetted officer — All stocks of materials, made-up clothing and old clothing police rules 1934 stock shall be verified on the 31 st March of each year by police rules 1934 gazetted officer, and the results of such verification shall be recorded in the stock register concerned over the dated initials of such officer.

For reflective writing, it. Medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea.

Punjab Police Rules

19344 Whistle — Of the usual Police pattern, to be worn attached to a khaki lanyard and carried in the left breast pocket.

Police rules 1934 is responsible for advising the Provincial 19934 in all matters connected with it. Home; Pay for essays. Adobe acrobat pro dc serial. Whenever possible special police officers of good social standing should be encouraged to bring with them their tenants and dependants, who will ordinarily be enrolled as special police officers of the lower subordinate grades, a post being police rules 1934 the special police rules 1934 officer through whose agency the lower subordinates are enrolled, subject to the provision of rule 2 foregoing.

As a safeguard against a second issue on this sanction the clothing head constable will endorse the sanctioning order, with the quantity and date of poljce at the time of making the entry in the register.