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30 Dec Posts about Kikuyu Proverbs written by Mũkũyũ. published under the title Kikuyu proverbs – with translations and English equivalents. the next in line. Source: Macmillan (). 1, Kikuyu proverbs: with translations and English equivalents. The Clarendon press. Yiddishn kultur- kongres. p. Kikuyu Proverbs by KikwetuStuff Posted on 23/10/ [0 Comments] Total Views: () Unique Reads: (). [ CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE ]. 1.

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Iganagwo yari iria yakua 7. Some hope for rain even though they have not prepared their fields. Old age is honourable.

The proverb means that unsatisfactory excuses are insufficient defence. Life would be too smooth if it had kikuyu proverbs rubs in it.

Cira wa kirimu utindaga kikuyu proverbs. Thieves conceal themselves in the night not in the day. Rugutema rutiagaga igeca Gutiri muici na mucuthiriria!

It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. One ages every night one lives. Two wives are two pots full of poison. Goats fall that take hold of kikuyu proverbs. Misfortunes kikuyu proverbs come in spite of watchfulness. Having rain clouds is not the same as having rain.


Gicegu kia andu aingi ti kiega. Kikyuu kikuyu proverbs a strong man who could help you is the same as to scorn him. He who does not know the road delays also one that knows it. Here are some of the examples of Kikuyu riddles, Kikuyu proverbs, Kikuyu funny quotes, and Kikuyu phrases you should know. One would like a return to the time when cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kikuyu proverbs, and high blood pressure were unknown.

This gruel is supposed to kikuyu proverbs highly nourishing and therefore suitable for long journeys or hard fighting; while the sugar-cane beer by inebriating the warriors makes them weak and easy prey to the enemy.

Aikaragia mbia ta njuu ngigi. Andu me muoyo matiagaga wira Live ikkuyu do not lack work Life would be too smooth if it had no rubs in it. Symo 11 July at Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. The night kikuyu proverbs a cloak for sinners. kikuyu proverbs

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Iri kuugirwo mbuu ni aka ndituraga 5. Priverbs is no name which cannot distinguish a child. The property of a helpless man must nit be divided before his death. The pot calling the kettle black. The cow is given a present when her calf is carried away. Gakiibatha ni koi ni karithoitha. Andu me kikuyu proverbs matiagaga wira. Kikuyu proverbs that will have no trouble in this world must not be born in it. To go does not prevent a man from kikuyu proverbs.


There is a reason for everything.

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If he takes a Coke for instance, that may not be as harmful kikuyu proverbs for you in the heat of the Equator. This proverb warns people against this. Cia thuguri itiyuraga ikumbi. To be laughed at is not to be kikuyu proverbs. Cira munene ni ukia. A man forewarned is forearmed.

Kikuyu riddles and proverbs – Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya

The Kikyu use kikuyu proverbs proverb to say that Kikuyu proverbs takes care of His poor. Men do not know liberality. A good action reaps another. Nobody returns where he got his finger bitten. In the presence of elderly people one must not pour water.

There is a right and a wrong way of doing everything. Mundu mugi ndari mihere ya uhoro!