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21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. Swartz unfolds the methods of Vedanta while unraveling the myths and mysteries of the enlightened state. But this book does not simply present more spiritual. Inquiry into object happiness — What is enlightenment? — The means of knowledge — Qualifications — The self — Obstructions — Inquiry into karma and dharma.

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If you’re new to this concept – whic I suspect that this book is full of five star information but like the friend who recommended it to me said, I will probably have to read it two or three times to get the full benefit.

So could you define precisely what they mean? This clearly shows that James is trying to stick to an organized teaching where as a true enlightened master will really talk to a seeker according to his level. Employing the Yogas or any practice one finds useful in daily life will lead to a neutralization of the attractions and aversions that normally used to bind us. I suspect that this book is full of five star information but like the friend who recommended it to me said, I will probably have to read it two or three times to get the full benefit.

It considers the qualifications necessary for enlightenment. Rajneesh perverted the tantric concept that the essence of every experience is Awareness. I had had enough liberating experiences but they did not set me free. In the space between and above my eyebrows a tiny jet-black dot appeared.

Like Liked by 1 person. If you do not have these qualities, enligtenment will not be within your reach. The book does not stop simply with the revelation of our nature as awareness but discusses in detail the various practices that are necessary for self knowledge to flower in the mind: He is not me.

I am a subject and some object is there and I am trying to milk the object for happiness, even if it is a subtle object like enlightenment. Nor are you going to end up floating around in some blissful transcendental sky, free of everything. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In the modern world, J. The first of these final chapters is a very interesting and illuminating discussion about the teaching of Ramana Maharshi while the second one is a quite convincing critique and dismissal of the so-called neo-advaita movement.


You arrive at the understanding that nothing is missing in you. The Enlightenment Quiz is just a teaching tool and a joke.

How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-Duality

So to come down from a quality background to the gross world of business with all its lusts and conflicts put a big strain on me. This book considers the qualifications necessary for enlightenment, as well as the obstacles encountered on all spiritual paths, and unfolds proven methods.

Hey Jacko aka wacko, not as crazy like you as to believe I am enlightened like your James and yourself pretend to be and who are always xttain acid and dope. Also, the advice on meditation being only easy for those lucky enough to have a “contemplative temperament” or having attained one through “righteous living” else abandon meditation and go try action yoga is incorrect.

In the middle of this very ordinary stream of consciousness, my mind suddenly went blank and I experienced powerful vibrations coming from the solar plexus. And I could not stand the swqrtz of living in a small provincial town.

How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz

People want an easy path and this seems to be a very easy way to solve the problem. You can be confident because awareness is you. At this point, I would rather trust the other sources than trust James.

Vedanta is a throw-away. I am pleased that I received this book for review as it jamse something that I will read many times over. First of all, Osho didnt pervert the tantric concept. So you went to India and had adventures getting there and you stopped off at various places. But if you say that he is enlightened, that means he has somehow, at least hw implied that he is enlightened….


Shanmugam I am a blogger and a self-published author. I start right from the beginning with the enquiry into motivations and develop the whole logic of Vedanta right through to the end. All I did was pay my transportation. He will never come to experience the deathlessness of life, the eternity of his existence — that he has been here always, and will be always; only forms change.

There is no question of escaping from anything.

The criticisms of other so-called teachers is not specifically about the teachers themselves but about the lack of a complete teaching that provisionally accepts duality and bridges a logical bridge to non-duality and self knowledge I also make the difference between my opinions and the teachings of traditional Vedanta, although I have considerable contempt for so-called teachers, like Osho who I met, who violate dharma and dualists who imagine that they are non-dualists. How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz James Enlightenmment has been teaching traditional Vedanta for over 40 years in America, Europe, and India, and this page book represents a comprehensive exposition of what this ancient tradition is all about.

And so, for yourself, for James, how did this come about?

James Bender Swartz, How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-Duality – PhilPapers

Did it feel good? Krishnamurti is a liberated person and he is also a great orator who has been admired by a lot of people for his clarity and wisdom. Therefore traditional Vedanta contains within its teaching expositions about the nature of the world, the nature of the individual, and the unity of the two. Enlightenment in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. Were you scared, apprehensive?