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Viajante Solitário – Coleção L&PM Pocket (Em Portuguese do Brasil) [Jack Kerouac] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kerouac foi um . O Viajante SolitáRio Jack Kerouac. 5 likes. Book. O Viajante SolitáRio Jack Kerouac. Privacy · Terms. About. O Viajante SolitáRio Jack Kerouac. Book. VIAJANTE SOLITÁRIO by KEROUAC, Jack () and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at

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I felt like I was with him, admiring paintings in The Louvre. Standing on the engine of a train as it rushes kerouxc fields of prickly cactus; witnessing his first bullfight in Mexico while high on opium; catching up with the beat night life in New York; burying himself in the snow-capped mountains of As he roams the US, Mexico, Morocco, Paris and London, Jack Kerouac breathlessly records, in prose of pure poetry, the life of the road.

Both Kerouac in Lonesome Traveler and Antonio Marez in Bless Me, Ultima go on a spiritual transition, one of moving from innocence to experience and moral independence while doubting both Christian and pagan religious beliefs.

Return to Book Page. From the introduction he gives quite a different picture than critics and most fans derive: Solitzrio this latter case, many show a much seamier side of the hobo life, in which the traveler’s life is silitario threatened.

The final chapter of the book laments societal ch Each chapter in this loose travelogue appears to be the warm up for one of Kerouac’s novels. Kerouac is successful in his inclusion into the travel genre due to his kkerouac descriptive talent focused on nature and social customs.

I like the Lonesome Jack Kerouac, he’s my literature hero. I feel as though Kerouac wrote to be read out loud – it felt a lot more natural to follow this way, and it reinforced the theatricality of some of the keeouac he met on his travels.


His style of writing in this book I found to be very choppy, instead of just stating what he wanted to state he does so in a very round about way. The tale of Kerouac’s travels from his merchant sea trips, through Mexico to the On The Road times, the Buddhist retreat, Sooitario trip, then finally bumming it and desperate to retreat to a motherly sanctuary.

Lonesome Traveler

It seemed appropriate somehow. Jun 12, Jason rated it really liked it Shelves: The first essay “Piers of the Homeless Night” shows Kerouac wandering on a dock in San Pedro in what becomes a failed effort at securing employment solitafio a ship.

As well as a trip through Kerouac’s times this is also a trip through his various writing styles, still dominated by Buddhism and spontaneous prose, there are sections of madness.

Among the essays included in this collection, my favorite one would have to be “Alone on a Mountaintop”. Jun 23, John Eastman rated it really liked it.

He wants to exemplify his spiritual awakening and awareness to others. I don’t consider myself to have a short attention span, but reading him, often I’ll start to turn to go to the next page then realize my brain has been off on something else while my eyes scanned the words.

Kerouac offers insights into the collection in his introduction. Kerouac is attempting to enlighten himself as much as he is trying to enlighten the readers and Beatniks.

It is one solitafio hold onto if you can. But the truly solitafio nature of these themes is not that Kerouac did it, but that he did it far ahead of most other Chicano writers.


He describes this in such stark and realistic prose that is heartbreaking. Wonderful the bluish, cold air, and things standing up in the cold distance. And I saw how everybody dies and nobody’s going to care.

Kerouac explains about Jesus and how people are jsck the point to Life: Around the Year i His descriptions kerouaac wholly perceptive, and the language sharp. I visited the hotel he stayed at in the book when I was in Tangier in This was an interesting read, but only recommended for those deeply interested in the beats.

Lonesome Traveler by Jack Kerouac

Kerouac seeks to illustrate, through his travels of the earth and soul, how much people are missing when they focus on the wrong things in life, and the prophet in Kerouac takes full keroouac rather than the drunkard and hitchhiker. He is at his best in describing a lonely room in a San Francisco apartment, a night walk on a pier awaiting a ship, and evening’s drinking with a friend and, especially, the sights and places of ‘beat’ New York City.

In this, Kerouac is not really lamenting the lost hobo life or glamorizing it.

At it’s worst it was written in the style of a jacl gruesome Burroughs novel. His attempts at his spontaneous prose really feel like they get a bit much at times, I found particularly in early Railroad Earth that he was babbling.