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Hellstrom’s Hive is a good example of this, taken on face value the novel is just as good a novel as Dune (if not better) but differs incredibly in. I recently picked up one of his non Dune related novels titled Hellstrom’s Hive and it does seem like a faint echo of Dune. When I first started. If you can find a copy of Hellstrom’s Hive, by all means read it. I’ve read a good handful of Herbert’s non-Dune books over the years (most of.

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A fan of Dune will recall that the Bene Gesserit were particularly adept at arranged breeding patterns and the Bene Tleilaxu have a hive mentality, de-emphasizing individualism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chapman 1 Jason M. Herbert gets a lot of mileage out of contrasting this with Outside, where America has become a police state and various corrupt government agencies vie with each other to get their hands on Dr.

Hellstrom’s Hive, by Frank Herbert | the Little Red Reviewer

Open Preview See a Problem? Jun 12, Carlex rated it really liked it. America is a police state, and it is about to be threatened by the most hellish enemy in the world: Our adaptations aim to increase the population tolerance, to permit a human density ten to twelve times greater than is currently considered possible. I’ll do my best to let you know what’s what. But they want to add human intelligence to the mix.

Hellstrom’s Hive, by Frank Herbert

What remains, is nostalgia. I loved them both. In ‘Hellstrom’s Hive’ Herbert proves he can write a well-developed, convincing and compelling villainous character. The instinctive revulsion towards the de-individualisation and, hivee, de-humanisation of Hive life that the book provokes is balanced by an unsympathetic portrayal of uncaring bureaucracy. Tempest Bradford 1 K.

It reaches a “stopping point” — a sort of logical lull in the action — and then just stops. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thematically, there are no true protagonists and antagonists.


As I say, a good science fiction novel, which deals with a little-treated subject in the genre. See 1 question about Hellstrom’s Hive…. You are commenting using your WordPress. Lists with This Book. Wound Healing With Wearable Nanogenerators ‘ The third act is a non stop action sequence, which i thought was rather well done.

These Hiveborn live as bees or ants would, believing all humans from the Outside are wild, undomesticated, and dangerous. In the end, in a brutal parody of the Cold War, both sides achieve an uneasy truce, with both sides claiming victory to their own people whilst secretly gearing up for more confrontations further down the line. While the idea itself is quite clever, I guess my biggest preoccupation was that I kept being reminded of Dune, which I liked, but this is not Dune, and it wasn’t supposed to be Dune.

By moving between both Hive perspective and motivations, and the all-too-human pawns and powerbrokers in the secretive government agency investigating it, the book forces the reader to consider competing models of social organisation.

The insect hivemind concept is incredibly different from the ecological ideas fleshed out in Dune and HH is one of the only SciFi books to ever look deeply into what a hivemind organization of humans could look like.

There are also several net cartoons set in the same universe called Fem School and Femboy School. And about this, it reminds me, have you read Stephen Baxter’s Coalescent? We get hellstro, know a handful of agents, and in only a few pages sometimes a few sentencesHerbert digs deeps into their personas to flesh them out into full developed characters with hopes and fears.

The Hive is discovered by a particularly nasty secret Agency, an ultrasecret Cold War hivr arm of the executive branch, with all the callous attitude toward human life contrasted with the Hive desire not to kill unless in self-defense that one might expect from such an Agency.

A dead worker is usually sent to the Vats to be recycled as food.

Procreative Stump by Frank Herbert from Hellstrom’s Hive

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Seeing other people’s high regard for Dune, I feel that I hellstrok the books a revisit with the maturity and wisdom of age. If the race for food is to be the deciding conflict, let no one say it came without this warning. Mar 27, Gilbert Stack rated it really liked it.


I liked the plot idea and some of the nive is excellent, but I got a bit teed off with the titillation passages hdllstrom almost randomly throughout – I suspect this book was aimed at the teen boy pulp fiction market. There are three motive forces to follow the hive, the agency leadership, and a couple of field agents who are the people I most related to in the book that are all coming into conflict here.

Refresh and try again.

There are mute drone workers chemically stripped out of free will, grotesque and sterile science specialists with withered bodies but superhuman intellect, inbred dim witted and docile hulks used for heavy lifting and etc. January 30, at 1: It does sound like one of those creepy utopia books, where the idea is good but it can never quite work out. If you are a big Frank Herbert fan like me, pick it up. I dig this book, especially Herbert’s sci-fi concepts of an underground colony of humanoids intended to be a superior race that adapts insect qualities of living and communication in a hive mind mentality.

Heolstrom by Bantam Books in Additional resources. The book takes time to delve into the perspectives of multiple characters, both inside and outside the Hive. Inhabitants of the compound built hellstro, vast network of tunnels and caverns beneath hie ground, and their society is modeled after that of social insects like ants of bees.