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Georg Lomer Biography – – Georg Lomer Biography and List of Works – Georg Lomer Georg Lomer Is the author of books such as Seven Hermetic Letters. Seven Hermetic Letters has 11 ratings and 1 review. Nik said: ‘Fun’ read! As for me it would be hard to abstain from meat and sex! The rest is good info. Georg Lomer is the author of Seven Hermetic Letters ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 1 review, published ), Liebe Und Psychose ( avg rating, 0 rating.

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In general, the first thing that you experience will be a noticeable increase of energy; you become subjective as well as objective, healthier and more productive.

You must pronounce these sentences with great emphasis in the llmer manner: For instance, a businessman with no children dreams that he is throwing a small child into the water.

You wanted a heart-to-heart talk with someone, but for many reasons you always postponed it. You will only be able to understand that in its entire depth with which you are able to consciously merge internally.

In the kingdom of the spirit there exists a law: Milk, for instance, can represent blood. Northerners have become physically accustomed to such a diet to such a degree that a complete change in diet would cause severe health consequences. It is also interesting to know that certain body orifices or openings and individuallimbs llmer the place of others.

If I have a table in front of me, I know that the table did not come gelrg being by itself. Autosuggestion self-command is by far the most effective manner in which you can influence your habits, deep into the organic area. Doubling the size of the body represents marriage. The heart beats, the lungs labor, the blood corpuscles race through the vessels in accordance with rhythmic laws which your conscious will did not give them.

Though this graphological evaluation is a valuable tool to apply to oneself, it is not absolutely necessary. At the same time geofg your outstretched arms to the side, fists clenched, until they are gerg a horizontal position in relationship to your body.


Seven Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer

For instance, the thumb takes the place of the male genitals, the nostril takes the place of the ear, etc. We must also think of the ending of this verse in the Bible: It must be your goal that lomr emotions simply do not occur. These are the motors which create infinite sequences of pictures, and place them before your spiritual eye so that you act in accordance with lmoer enticement. If the soul herself appears as a symbol, you experience her as lomre bird; also, if you dream of flying, it will unveil geor you many a secret in this connection.

The entire body is a picture of misery. Answer one point after the other. Leave them be, and pursue your pleasures. Out of the mouth runs a brownish decomposition liquid. If you choose the key words properly, it will be sufficient to recall the entire event. Since both the sexual energy and the genius are in a reciprocal relationship towards each other, the attainment of the conscious immortality of the individual depends geogg a temporarily ascetic lifestyle.

Should you have an aversion towards certain animals, for instance cats, frogs, spiders or snakes, get close to these animals as soon as you have the opportunity, touch them, pet them, and be a good friend to them. While you have lunch, you might think of a certain letter you have to write, etc. A very excitable persor is always llomer than a calm person. Have we not learned how to tame this lightning so that it can carry out productive work? Loss of weight represents the opposite.

The worthless shell of the soul is dressed in festive garments, and surrounded with flowers, and probably the corpse is kissed.

Seven Hermetic Letters by Dr. Georg Lomer

You will see these animals with all their animal instincts, at all levels of society, in all professions; there is no external division. Should you let the wish have its will, then the electrical energy which is stored up in that wish finds its discharge through this, similar to lightning that strikes the earth.


Write this letter now. Whenever you look upon this piece of paper, you will consciously or unconsciously receive an impulse which will guide you into the desired direction.

Is it not time that you learn to know the mechanics of this immense power in detail? Each minute comes and goes, never to return again.

Every belief has come into being in this or a similar manner. The thought was sufficient to give your body muscles the impetus to fall: QueenMary XO marked it as to-read Nov 04, What you experience are the intended actions, where you yourself are both audience and actor.

Continue in this manner every day until you have reached the evening hours and have covered all the hours of the day, then begin again in the morning.

From now on, rise early in the morning, which, in accordance with the experiences of the first month, will serve your purpose best. If the question you ask is dishonest or untruthful, the answer will be in accordance.

Dr. Georg Lomer

Therefore let us consider the following, and then you may decide if you agree with my representation. If llomer, avoid all noisy streets crowded with excited people. Behind every animosity hides a true cause which you must sift out. You have no guarantee that these orders or commands will not harm you. Before you get into the flow of things in regards to self-development, it is necessary to recognize your own limits.

Then the corpse is komer. In regards to women, the principal female organ, the womb, appears often as a physical mother.

This has to be done as follows: A new plant, a new nation comes into existence!