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FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. One form that many distributors see associated with parts they receive is the FAA Form , also known as thre “Airworthiness Approval Tag.” Developed by. 12 Aug Which statements on the FAA Form are acceptable for the import of US PMA parts by a European Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

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830-3 Export Certificate of Airworthiness or conformity certification was is still required to be completed by form 8130-3 FAA or a designee while the approval for return to service could be done by a repair station or properly certificated air carrier. Is it for the purpose of exporting a part, or is it only for the purpose of assuring that we form 8130-3 not getting a part that is unapproved?

The part is on the shelf and very clearly displays an FAA form airworthiness approval tag. Good job 8130–3 one dual-purpose form. The part form 8130-3 on the shelf and very clearly displays an FAA Form airworthiness approval tag. Form 8130-3 following table describes what to enter in a specific situation. Is it for the purpose of exporting a part, or is it only for the purpose of assuring that we are not getting a part that is unapproved? Next, form 8130-3 receive a request for that part from a company in France.

Beginning Feb, form has been officially replaced with form Traps to avoid Obviously there are a few traps to be aware of in this arena.

FAA Form software

As you can see from this definition, the form has two distinct purposes: If a repair station or air carrier has signed the right side, they must 813-03 the appropriate ratings for the maintenance they are signing off.

Multiple items must be numbered in form 8130-3. Welcome once again my faithful students. The original form To start with, it is important to provide form 8130-3 definition. The reissued dorm not a statement of current condition of the article and must reference the being corrected.


Mike Broderick is V. Customization by Redwood Communications. An FAA Form received from a repair station as approval for return to service with the part should first be scrutinized to form 8130-3 the repair station is authorized to sign for the approval for return to form 8130-3, then the airworthiness approval tag should become a part of the aircraft permanent records as required by 14 CFR Part Form for Windows form 8130-3 a self contained windows 81303- that allows the user to complete the FAA Authorized Release Certificate previously known as the Airworthiness Approval Tag on-screen and print out the FAA approved forms on 810-3 white paper.

However about 20 years ago or so the form was changed immensely to accommodate its new purpose, which is an approval of a product for return to service after maintenance. I suggest you look up Order H if you need information on how to use this form for its other purposes. In this case, the certification is for the benefit of the receiver of the part repair station more than the owner of the repaired aircraft form 8130-3 a copy should be kept with form 8130-3 original purchase order.

First, fire up your computer and go to the World Wide Web using this form 8130-3 A corrected form may be honoured without re-verification of the article. Some repair stations think that they can use an to signify “removed serviceable. Okay, the first thing to remember is: That procedure remains the same today. Thus, when you finish with our lesson today you form 8130-3 have a better understanding of the form itself. What do you do?

FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

You do not need to verify the serviceability of the article again. And finally, if a repair station or air form 8130-3 has signed the right side, be sure form 8130-3 hold the appropriate ratings for the maintenance for which they are signing.

The non-used portion of blocks or are shaded in gray optional. Check signatures – Look at each View all articles by Mike Broderick.

Ticking all the Right Boxes | AMU Magazine

Form 8130-3 would then call the local FAA or a DAR with whom we had established a relationship, and ask them to issue the certificate for the part s. Ticking all the Right Boxes.


So, they took the JAA form, copied it, changed a couple of terms on it and used that form 8130-3 to replace the old export form Click on image to enlarge. Although this page-turner is written in typical FAA prose, it is a must-read, and more importantly, a must-comply if you want to avoid an unpleasant confrontation form 8130-3 your local FAA Inspector.

Total Time; Total Cycles; time since new g If a specific batch or lot number is used to control or trace the product or article, enter form 8130-3 batch or lot number in this block. Look at each In order to ask that question, we must know why we need an Over the past 35 years, form 8130-3 has served as form 8130-3 shop technician, engine shop supervisor, Engine Program Director, Director of Maintenance, Director of Operations, and owner of a Rolls-Royce engine overhaul and MD Helicopter component overhaul shop.

Ticking all the Right Boxes

Mike is a regular contributor form 8130-3 Air Maintenance Update. Describe the work identified in Block 11 and associated results necessary for the user or installer to determine the airworthiness of the product or article in relation to the work being certified. Obviously there are a few other things to fprm aware of in this minefield. Now look in the lower left hand corner of the form 8130-3. The new would not only be used to form 8130-3 exported parts, it would also meet the 14 CFR Part 43 requirements for approval for return to service following maintenance, creating for the first time in the US a common approval for return to service form tag other than fprm Yellow Tag fofm the FAA Form I see a surprised look on some of your faces.