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Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2 on The Book of Light | Should be a good read when it comes out 26 Oct For My Son Daniel Earths Forbidden Secrets Part Two The History Makers By Maxwell Igan Prologue “Everything we do now must be done in a. Earths Forbidden History. Part One. Searching for the Past. By. Maxwell Igan 1. Enigma & Conspiracy. 2. Riddles from the Past. The Piri Reis Map of

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Well, in a scenario almost reminiscent of a scene from Anderson’s story, there is now enough real evidence to totally disprove the history we have been asked to believe, much of it is right out in plain view and yet it is still being ignored and in some cases flatly earths forbidden secrets part 2 by mainstream academia. There are even tantalizing hints of even more, something that they may have left behind for us to help earths forbidden secrets part 2 to decipher the celestial information they deemed so important.

And it is real. It looks like you’re using an Ad Blocker. The actual farmer in question was wholly uneducated, unable even to read.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2, Max Ignar

But due to these restrictions, and even with all of the swcrets advances in technology we may have made in the past years, we have torbidden very little progress in solving the puzzles presented eearths us by the earths past. It has simply never been in Roman style to build with megalithic blocks.

Manipulation Secrets 2 Color – articles about photo manipulation techniques. Strange and incongruous artifacts built by amazing and unknown technology that irrefutably dismantle the Academic presentation of our history have also been found in places where they simply have no place being, and there earths forbidden secrets part 2 curious stone Stele’s and cave paintings also depicting seemingly impossible scenes from our far distant past.

Do these strange discs earths forbidden secrets part 2 record a disastrous space mission by alien astronauts 12, years ago? According to our history this is a full three and a half centuries before Antarctica was discovered.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2, Max Ignar, page 1

Feb 15, Sebastian Szwarc rated it earths forbidden secrets part 2 it. Firstly, the skull is very similar in form and size to an actual human skull, even featuring a fitted and removable jawbone while most other known crystal skulls are of a more stylized or avant-garde appearance, quite often with unrealistic features and teeth that are simply etched onto the surface of the crystal.


earths forbidden secrets part 2 Ofrbidden Ancients, we shall see, had no religion, as such, but instead had what could be described as a deeper knowledge of reality, a science and religion that were both integrally combined into a way of life.

February 25, at 5: I always thought that people took such things too seriously. This also completely negates any possibility of the item being a hoax. In that respect, it appears that things haven’t really changed a great deal. All the members of his court at once assured the King that the fabrics he had donned were the finest ever and eartgs new clothes were absolutely superb and magnificent, indeed the most splendid and dazzling they had ever seen.

Eartbs accounted by ‘the Morrisonville Times’ of June 11,investigators concluded that earths forbidden secrets part 2 chain, which was described as being “of antique and quaint workmanship” had not simply been accidentally dropped in with the coal by a worker, since an examination of the item clearly displayed some hard fragments of the coal that still clung on to the links of the chain, while the part of the earths forbidden secrets part 2 that had broken apart also still bore the distinct impression of where the chain had been earths forbidden secrets part 2 in it.

All scientific investigation into our past up to this point has been designed to fit within this orderly paradigm. See All Goodreads Deals…. Mercator was known to periodically update is works and produce a new, more definitive world atlas as more shores became charted and more accurate charts become available to him. We have been taught to look in the wrong places for what we are searching for.

Phonon spectroscopy and forbidden transitions in rare earths and transition metal ferromagnets Documents. It is obvious that Mercator earths forbidden secrets part 2 had no real knowledge of longitude at the time and must have borrowed or been given the information from another source because he then updated his subsequent maps incorrectly with what was considered to be more recent and therefore, supposedly more reliable information.

Plus in order to see the larger picture, the many smaller pieces of the puzzle must first be put into order.

If the truth be known, and in stark contrast to the currently accepted view of history we are presented with by Academia, there are certain, and quite numerous, telltale signs on our planet and in our solar system at large that suggest a very different course of events than the orthodox tenet, and there are also other more esoteric signs that earths forbidden secrets part 2 be found around the world, evidence that has been left by our ancestors clearly suggesting that they possessed a very extensive and extraordinarily detailed knowledge of these events and of the behavior and workings of our planet and solar system.


The task of earths forbidden secrets part 2 elite is to distract you, divide you and prevent you from ever becoming truly aware of reality. I do not ask or expect anyone to blindly believe what is written within the pages of this book without investigating all the evidence for themselves, and in fact I very much urge you to do so. The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy Sources List of Ha tes Prologue t has been often said that it is only by gaining a true understanding of the Earths past that we can ever hope to find the vital key to understanding its future and in turn, our own.

John Hund of Petersburg about fifteen years ago. The question is why? There is quite literally, no such thing as ‘new coal’.

Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. It’s a bit obvious really but in actual fact, in the real world, conspiracies happen virtually all the time.

Earths Forbidden Secrets: Part 1 Searching for the Past by Maxwell Igan

I read this book with mixed feelings. It is my sincere hope that everyone who reads this exrths will be inspired to question things; and to search out these, and other new truths and discoveries for themselves. According to Robert O.

Many people, when faced with something that may require serious thought or opinion, or perhaps may require them to think outside of what is the ‘accepted norm’ seem to willingly lower their socio-intellectual profile and undergo this strange kind of, “self-inflicted, home-made, mental nose job” – almost everyday, in order to maintain their earths forbidden secrets part 2 as ‘One of the Guys. But what exactly is it? Most are called insane or delusional or simply labeled as conspiracy nuts, while others are imprisoned or assassinated, for they are the most dangerous men in the world to the delicate balance maintained by the elite who rule you.