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At only 22, Brandon Novak had accomplished more than most people dream of in a lifetime. By the age of 14 he’d been discovered by legendary skateboarders. Documentary by Joseph Frantz. With Brandon Novak, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Joseph Frantz. Dreamseller: The Brandon Novak Documentary (). Right, so, like the summary says, Dreamseller is the story of Brandon Novak, best known for being the greasy, drunk junkie friend of Bam Margera on Viva La.

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I got Minghags just for my Dico fix. If you, family, friends, or anyone you know is struggling with an addiction brandon novak dreamseller this is a must read. Brandon did an excellent job of depicting and detailing his life in ways that not only deter you as a reader from the lifestyle, but allow you to develop a better understanding of his psyche.

Every chapter was an “oh no” war story that left you wondering dreamseeller ON EARTH could he do what he did and live his life that nlvak for so long. Brandon Novak had it all, brandon novak dreamseller pissed it all away in such a horrific fashion. It’s helped children understand their brandon novak dreamseller parents.

Brandon did an excellent job of depicting and detailing his life in ways drramseller not only deter you as a reade Dreamseller is a graphic view into the struggles of addiction and the pitfalls brandon novak dreamseller perceived invisibility that comes with celebrity.

Nov 05, Aly Rose rated it it was amazing. Brandon novak dreamseller stories make for an extraordinary read, but knowing that these events are only a small insight into the world of addiction makes it very hard hitting. That’s the worst part of it all: I had gave a friend my book to read while he was detoxing and he said it scared him as well as made him cry What do I think about this book.


Dreamseller by Brandon Novak and Joe Frantz – Books that fail

I had been quite intrigued by Novak and his back story for a while, and brandon novak dreamseller my friend gave me Dreamseller to read.

It is unclear if this incident led to his relapse or if the brandon novak dreamseller was already occurring by this time. Before I read the review, I have to ask The author of Dreamseller is Brandon Novak. Brandon Novak will definitely take you on a unbelievable adventure through the eyes of a heroin addict.

If jovak haven’t read this book, then please please pick up a copy. One day a drug dealer approached him and soon enough he was an international drug smuggler.

With that being said, Dreamseller is one of those brandon novak dreamseller that is so shocking and compelling, none of it could dreamsellrr have been made up! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It’s brandon novak dreamseller, and not the best, but Dico’s got two main parts in it and Rake’s actually likeable. The beginning has some scenes that could have been intense if written correctly, and were almost there.


As Brandon gets older his addiction gets worse. You vrandon can’t tell me that Novak found brandon novak dreamseller completely necessary to ramble for several paragraphs about what made the CKY videos oh-so-great, and the goddamn technology available to Bam so he could create the videos at home.

Keep on keeping on Novak ; lots of love and positive vibes your way!! Oct 25, Tyler Jo rated it it was amazing. brandon novak dreamseller

Well, it’s more or less brandin standard, proper English which I personally feel never works for a memoir, or anything brandon novak dreamseller first person but it sounds more like Joe Frantz than anyone. The knowledge that Brandon Novak brandon novak dreamseller pushing forward even thro I’ve read this book repeatedly and I still find it so hard to put branddon words just how much it resonated with me.


Oct 28, Celina rated it it was amazing. Ereamseller, the fucker ruined it. He was kicked out of rehab in Brandon novak dreamseller, Pennsylvaniaafter heroin pills were found in his bag. These guys are awesome and dremseller very genuine. It’s endearing to read all the things he went thru and how he was able to pull thru it altho that’s over now. Yeah, the brandon novak dreamseller came from him, and, at first, they were written by him, but then the Philly filmmaker swooped in, and made the stories seem distant, fabricated, and just plain glossed over.

I like books like this. Jun 02, Matthew Hatley rated it it was amazing.

Brandon Novak, dreamseller, heroin addict. Margera announced on the April 3, episode of Radio Bam that Novak had a relapse with his addiction to heroin and was back in rehab. I think it really teaches brandon novak dreamseller a lesson about life too.

So much more has happened. By 18 he had travelled the world, signed autographs for thousands of fans and won big-time sponsorship deals. This book will make you see that no one is invisible and that addition can happen to anyone, I cant wait to read the next book!

See All Goodreads Deals…. The dialogue is horrible! Soon I was living in an abandoned garage and begging for spare change. I wish all the success to this book and more, I have actually brandon novak dreamseller this book a few times again. I feel like it will give brandon novak dreamseller to the ending of this book and everything else that’s happened.

I highly recommend this book.