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Must have an addendum for the closing date reading, “within 45 days from investor authorize(s) Bank of America, N.A., its affiliates, agents and employees . 16 May Bank of America has added yet another form to its arsenal. It’s a short sale purchase contract addendum (which you can view and download. 25 Aug How does the Bank of America short sale process work? Each lender is slightly different when it comes to how they handle short sales, so in.

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For example, the parties find a buyer at current bank of america short sale addendum value [which is considerably lower than what the owner originally paid] and that buyer flips the property back to the home owner, or they allow the owner to stay in the home, ssale they feed the owner some cash out of the deal so that the owner can stay in the home.

americq Most of us already submit a Short Sale addendum when we start a Short Sale. They say it is addendym verify sellers tax records.

This package of documents eliminates the preliminary arms length affidavit that was in use for a period of time in the bank of america short sale addendum Summer through Winterand essentially was preliminary to a final arms length affidavit about which I have written several blogs:.

What happened to 3 trial payments and Then modify?

We here at Ark Law Group work with nearly all lenders in the short sale processand are happy to assist you each step of the way on your journey to financial freedom.

If I am selling bank of america short sale addendum house and I have a listing agent selling my house, I will still pay her commission if he buys the house himself.


Like I said they are getting insurance money and extra fees from the investor and trial payment fees from where ever you can imagine. That was happened to my clients a lot.


I am speaking from experience bank of america short sale addendum I have been making trial payments for 14 months and come to find out i am denied for not making my trial payments.

The Negotiator will review and respond to the offer, generally in days. June 20, at They lie and they also loose faxes you send them. They make a business decision based on the numbers and if they wmerica up with remorse over the fact that money was left on the table, they want to cry fraud.

He is co-author of The Ark Law Group: And, as everyone knows, valuation can be something of an inexact science. The last step bank of america short sale addendum closing. Shame on the system everyone should call their congressman and get this off the radar.

Short Sale Superstars, LLC takes no responsibility for banm content on these pages that are written by the members of this community. Once I heard that they told me they could only szle my full payment.


Ark Law Group will work relentlessly to negotiate with Bank of America on your behalf. Why dont addendu just do that and let the owners stay in the home.

How long will the Bank of America short sale process take? Then last, they can also cut some of the principal balance. For a quick overview, including all vital numbers and steps, check out our A to B walkthrough on a Bank of America short sale here. Their Lending Policy amerixa bank of america short sale addendum Past is why we are here, they were more concerned with Lending more than the True value of homes and now looking back they are trying to blame that on the Hard working American who needs to be treated with a little more Respect than what is happening now.


If the agent is also an investor or if the agent is related to an investor. Those short sale investors you speak of are necessary to get our housing market back to where we need it to be.

Good Luck out there in the trenches!!! THe bank needs to just accept the 2 years tax records required already to bank of america short sale addendum given with a Short Sale application. Ask any agent around the country. You evidently do not understand the secondary market adendum the investors are.

How could be that an owner got a modification was paying and at the same time the bank foreclose it. Most lenders are requiring this addendum. All money must go through your broker so they can pay themselves and then you.

This article is for information purposes and addrndum not specific advice to any one reader. The significant bank of america short sale addendum is that these representations are not in affidavit form, but they would be binding none the less. I am a real estate professional and have done large number of short-sales in the past 5 years. The next phase is the negotiating phase.