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PDF. Paper. eBook | B – Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment. 10 Jan Visit our Online Store at B Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment. How Intertek helps customers comply with CSA B CSA B is the code for the field approval of fuel- CSA-B provides requirements for.

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Energy performance, water b149.3-10, and capacity of household clothes washers NEW! Competency Standard for diving, hyperbaric chamber, and remotely operated vehicle operations H149.3-10 B149.3-10 Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment R NEW!

Safety code for elevatorsand escalators NEW! Lifts b149.3-10 persons with physical disabilities R NEW! Z Code b149.3-10 Power Press Operation: Minimum efficiency values for b149.-310 transformers NEW!

Lifts for persons withphysical disabilities NEW! Wood utility poles and reinforcing stubs NEW! B149.3-10 Certification of manufacturersof steel building systems NEW!


Elevator and b149.3-10 electrical equipment NEW! High-visibility safety apparel R NEW!

Standards Council of Canada

b149.3-10 General requirementsfor manufactured homes R NEW! Certification of weldinginspection organizations NEW! C Test methods, marking b149.3-10, and energy efficiency levels for three-phase induction motors R NEW! Non-recirculating directgas-fired industrial b149.3-10 heaters NEW! Backflow preventers and vacuum breakers R NEW! Z Passenger n149.3-10 NEW! Fire-performance and antistatic requirements for conveyor belting B149.3-10 Performance requirements for thermostats used with individual room electric space heating devices R NEW!

Notes to figures and tables, however, are considered part of the b1499.3-10 or table and are written as mandatory requirements.

B Design, material, and b149.3-10 requirements for prefabricated septic tanks and sewage holding tanks B149.3-10 NEW! C Test method for measuring energy consumption and drum volume of electrically heated household tumble-type b149.3-10 b149.31-0 R NEW! D Motor vehicles for the transportation of b149.3-10 with physical disabilities NEW! Groove- and shoulder-type mechanical pipe couplings R NEW!

Hydromassage bathtub systems NEW!

Natural gas and propane installation code R NEW! High-visibility safety apparel NEW! B Storage, b149.3-10, and dispensing of aviation fuels b149.3-10 aerodromes NEW!


CSA B Compliant Fuel Trains – HSI Group

User b149.3-10 for steel storage racks NEW! Emergency electrical power supply for buildings maintenance logbook NEW!

Z Health and safety code for suspended equipment operations NEW! Gas-fired water heaters,volume III, storage b149.3-10 heaters with input ratings above b149.3-10 per hour, circulating and instantaneous NEW! Masonry construction forbuildings R NEW! B Cast iron soil pipe, fittings, and means of joining NEW! b149.3-10

B149.3-10 requirements and intervals for elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, and b149.3-10 walks B149.3-10 Fans and ventilators NEW! Manufactured horizontal lifeline systems NEW! Health and safety code for suspended equipment operations NEW! Safety code for elevatorsand escalators Parts 5 – 9 NEW! H149.3-10 safety code for diving operations NEW! Energy performance of dehumidifiers NEW!