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Internet Archive BookReader. ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. issuance as American National Standard B on February 17, procedures are published in ANSI Z (R) (Safety Requirements. Guideline falls under ASME/ANSI. BSafety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment. Equipment Not Covered. This Application Guideline does.

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Advanced search Show search help. Compliance with this ANSI Standard may not prevent all accidents, but will provide a safer work ansi b20.1.

The buckets remain in carrying ansi b20.1 until they are ansi b20.1 or inverted to discharge. J Car-Type Conveyors, A series of cars attached to and pro- pelled by an endless chain or other linkage which operates in a defined path. Safety guards shall be provided on all types of equipment at driving mechanisms, terminals and take-ups where the un- guarded parts may constitute a hazard to the operating person- nel.

Anso of ansi b20.1 international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: The working load of the rope shall never exceed one-fifth of the breaking strength. Ansi b20.1 11 Prime Movers and Controls ,’. A scries of rollers supported in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by gravity, or by power.

This ansi b20.1 is intended to cover, all installations of the related material handling and passenger, conveyors, either where the installation is of a permanent nature or is only temporary, or where installations for permanent use are arranged for b2.01 operation.

The hoist operator should be located so that he ansi b20.1 see the hoist and also the working ‘area of the cableway.

Other Safety Resources – CEMA

Does not apply to “people movers” or conveyor equipment with standards, as for example mine conveyors. Floor Conveyor, Any of several types ansi b20.1 conveyors using chain, cable or other linkage mounted near or flush with the floor.

Ansi b20.1 Conveyor, A system of flumes, pipes, or troughs through which ansi b20.1 material is conveyed by means of water or water jets. Form of portable, self-feeding, inclined bucket elevator for loading bulk materials into cars, trucks or other conveyances.


Fall rope carriers are used to prevent the weight of the hauling rope itself causing sufficient tension to overhaul ; the load carrier or fall block. Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Closely spaced parallel tubes with right and left-hand rounded helical threads ansi b20.1 in opposite direction on which bags of other objects are carried while being conveyed.

Section 2 Reference to Other Codes The following codes and standards should be referred to when designing, installing, and operating conveyors or convey- ing machinery. Carruthers, District Safety Engr. Ladders, platforms, handholds, etc.

Pivoted Bucket Conveyor, A series of buckets pivotally mounted between two endless ansi b20.1 which operate in hori- zontal, vertical, and inclined paths. Section 14 Belt Conveyors Where a tripper or other moving deflector is used, requiring an ansi b20.1 to travel on the tripper, a suitable operator’s plat.

Ajsi guards shall be provided toprotect per- sonnel from contact with moving parts. Cableway, Ansi b20.1 Line or Drag Line Excavator, A cable supported system in which the supporting cable is adjusted in length to ansi b20.1 the lifting functions of the unit.

One or more ansi b20.1 chains slid- ing on tracks on. Sollcnberger, Executive Vice Bres. Section 7 Design and Installation Accessibility and Clearance a Clearances for authorized personnel shall be provided where existing conditions permit. Re-becketing after ansi b20.1 30 operating shifts is suggested or more than thirty 30 if the rig is little used each, shift. Ansi b20.1 series of wheels supported in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by force of gravity or by power.

Other Codes and Standards referenced available in full paper.

The American Society of Mechanical Engr. It is also intended for voluntary use ansi b20.1 concerns manufacturing ansi b20.1 utilizing conveyor machinery, ansi b20.1 equipment. Sales Development Section, Sturtevant Div. An endless belt, one or more chains, or other linkage to which are attached projecting arms, or shelves for handling packages or objects in a vertical, inclined or hori- zontal path.

Gaskets holding line pressures shall be so shielded that a. If it is necessary to operate the conveyor while servicing it,special safety, provisions shall v20.1 used.


ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment

See Arm Conveyor, Booster Conve’yor. Two endless chains or other linkage between which carriers are mounted and controlled in such a manner as to remain in the original carrying position at all times. Chain Conveyor, Any type of conveyor in ansi b20.1 one or more chains act as ansi b20.1 conveying element. This code is designed as a basis for ansi b20.1 codes and as a guide for state authorities in the formulation of state safety rules and regulations.

Signals for the operation of the rig may be given to a signalman or to, the operator direct.

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Pfeiffer, Fisher Road, Jenkintown, Pa. If a shear pin device is used, a description of the proper size ansi b20.1 material of the shear pin should be placed at such a point on the ansi b20.1 that the operators can readily see it annsi replace- ment is being made. A ansi b20.1 general agreement among both manufacturers and users of conveying equipment as to safe practice in the design, installation and operation of such equip- ment would undoubtedly lead to further elimination of such accident hazards.

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Other Safety Resources

These members shall be arranged so that loads are carried concentrically and qnsi that no eccentric ansi b20.1 can be applied to them or to the ansi b20.1 cable connections by virtue of failure or nonoperation of any joint bearing in the track system.

Gates and switches are to be designed to prevent conveyed materials from discharging into open areas.

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Ansi b20.1. A form of portable drag chain, belt or flight conveyor which, can be placed either beneath or over the rails for the purpose of unloading bulk materials ansi b20.1 hopper bottom cars.