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Have a look at , for ActivePerl documentation. As an alternative to ActivePerl, there is Strawberry Perl. This section describes what is ActivePerl – a free Perl engine for Windows, Perl Tutorials – Herong’s Tutorial Examples – Version , by Dr. Herong Yang. Easily learn how to install Perl and run your first script. If you are on Windows, you may see a choice of ActivePerl and Strawberry Perl.

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Testing Script Just to be sure everything is running correctly. This documents core Tk and useful add-on packages that are part of ActiveTcl. We’ll have our script print to the command prompt with the print function just as we would if we were printing text to our web browser. More information can be found in the Windows Script Host tutorial.

ActivePerl activpeerl just a distribution of Perl.

Often times these types of tasks will require some form of user input. The same rules apply to the function names in the Tkx:: Sign up using Facebook.

ActivePerl Documentation

The rest of the method name is the name of the Tk widget to create; i. Most modern Tcl packages do not create names at the top level like TkTable above. tutoeial

In a real application there would be additional code between line 15 and 17 to set up the rest of the application window, but for this demonstration we’ll just leave the window empty. The Tk toolkit is native to the Tcl programming language, but its ease of use and cross-platform availability has made it the GUI toolkit of choice for many activeper, dynamic languages.

Just to be sure everything is running correctly.

– A tutorial about Perl and ActivePerl. Installing ActivePerl. Includes examples.

Sign up using Email and Password. Additional commands can be loaded from Tcl packages. The application will still run, but when you try to invoke these menu entries you get an “Application Error Dialog” from Tk.


In this case the callback destroys the window, which in turn terminates the application. Click on Start, go to Run. The following, slightly expanded version of the previous Hello World program, introduces a few more Tkx features.

The most commonly used subcommand is “configure” that is used to change the attributes of a widget as we do in line PERL is capable of quickly taking input from a user then manipulating it in some fashion and spitting out some sort of result.

Tkx::Tutorial – How to use Tkx

John 11 24 The only difference is that the call to MainLoop is implicit in Tcl and does not have to be rutorial out. If your goal is to build an application that will be used by a large number of users, server-side PerlScript is considerably more practical.

ActivePerl and PerlScript are required on the webserver that is providing the webpages, but are not required on the client. Packages are loaded by calling the Tkx:: PERL was designed to be simple and direct. Next, we instantiate a new Tkx:: Clicking the button will invoke the subroutine registered with the button’s -command option.

For Aqua we don’t want to add the “File Exit” entry to the menu because the OS itself always provide a Quit action in the application menu. It is also possible to set up direct keyboard shortcuts as we’ve done for the File New function at line Double underscores in names have yet another meaning that we will tell you about in the next section.

There are many PERL compilations available for your machine. Perl programs are run using the Perl interpreter, perl. As an alternative to ActivePerl, there is Strawberry Perl.

Similar reasoning exists for the “bell”. After the layout of the window has been set up, we need to pass control back to Tk so that it can draw the window and invoke our callback if the button is clicked. The Tkx distribution contains a script called menu which is a runnable version of the program shown here.


I am new to Perl scripting. Ripon Al Wasim I’m using LaTex and the bibliography uses perl, but default one is extremly slow. We start out as all proper Perl programs should by enabling warnings and stricture at line 1 and 3. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

In the menu example of the previous section we loaded the “style” package which created a command called “use” in the “style” namespace.

PERL – Programming

We need this constant because the menu layout on Aqua is not the same as in other windowing systems. Menu items added to the “apple” menu will show up in the application menu.

Download the program, follow the onscreen installation guide, and you should have an active installation of PERL ready to go. One source of confusion here is the proper spelling of the package name to provide to Tkx:: This tutorrial will return when the application window has been destroyed.

PERL can do exactly that imagine that and these next few pages of tutorial will walk you through the process step by step. In line 11 to 16 we have expanded the button callback to change the text of button and wait 1.

Use ttuorial one you like best. ActivePERL is the simplest of installers available and it is also free to download. Let’s start with the mandatory exercise of creating an application that greats the world.